I create art for picture books, cards, fabrics, home decor and magazine editorials. 

My name is Anna Lena and I'm an illustrator! I have been making things for as long as I can remember - no wonder I ended up studying Industrial Design. I did discover early on that I had a knack for illustration and over time, I decided to make the jump to become a full time illustrator. To show you what kind of things I love to make, I assembled my portfolio on this website. I prefer working with a mix of collage, paint and digital tools, to add depth and life to the work. All things nostalgic inspire me: I love old buildings, books, but I also love to cook and eat. No shock there - lot of my work revolves around it.

I also teach art in Gouda. If you like, keep an eye on my social media accounts to see whats new.


If you have an illustration project you want to hire me for, message me through my contact page or email me at hey@annalena.nl

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Selected press

I like talking about art almost as much as I love to create art. Want to bring some fresh energy to your publication, blog or podcast? Message me and I'd be happy to talk to you.


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