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Discover books I've illustrated and authored! On this page you can also explore more fun content surrounding my newest book 'Tasty Tales' with Uclan Publishing, coming out in May 2024! 

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Tasty Tales
Facts and fables about our favourite foods

Travel the world on a plate in this highly illustrated children's book on food history!

All about Tasty Tales

Drawing inspiration from both history and lore, Tasty Tales explores the mouthwatering stories behind some of the world’s favourite foods.

From a plant-loving pirate to an Ethiopian goat, from the crescent of the croissant to a Tofu trailblazer, Tasty Tales offers a fascinating, sometimes surprising and always appetizing journey across historical periods and diverse cultures. The incredible origin stories celebrate how ingredients and dishes have travelled the globe to be shared and loved in new and exciting ways – and how food truly connects us all.

Recipes and stories 

from Tasty Tales

Here are some recipes and teaser stories from my book Tasty Tales that you may enjoy!

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