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Brand collabs

Croissant Instagram Campaign with Molly J Wilkinson

Anna Lena collaborated with pastry chef Molly to create croissant video content and postcards to share with Molly's clients.


Whiskey recipe postcards with Whiskylab 040

With Eindhoven's own gem Whiskylab Anna Lena illustrated a set of recipe postcards with classic whiskey drinks. 

Whiskylab-AnnaLenaFeunekes (1).png
Whiskylab-AnnaLenaFeunekes (1).png
Whisky2 (1).png

Let's get creative on your brand's next campaign!

I'd love to help create artistic content that aligns with your brand & gets your audience excited. I can create illustrations, photos and videos to help you & have a loyal following of people who are eager to see what we create together!

For pricing and possibilities, please reach out at or contact me!

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