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Anna Lena Feunekes is an illustrator and is creating surface pattern illustrations in this photo, at her desk in Gouda, the Netherlands.

Hi! I'm Anna Lena Feunekes.

I'm an Illustrator in Gouda, the Netherlands, and I create vibrant art and illustrations. I enjoy using a mix of paint, paper and pixels to make children's books, cards, surface design patterns and more! 

What can I do for you?

You see a pattern illustration of pink strawberries and little bumblebees, suitable for surface design products or fabrics, created by Anna lena feunekes, who is a Dutch illustrator and designer.

Illustration projects

Need an illustrator for your kids book, magazine or product?

View my portfolio.

We see illustrator and designer Anna lena Feunekes in her studio, she is smiling at the camera and is surrounded by her art and paint swatches.


I teach art classes and workshops, and you can also book me for school or company workshops.

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Anna lena feunekes is creating custom portraits at an event for dudok in het park in rotterdam. Around her are people excited to get their portraits illustrated!

Live art

Need someone to boost your next event? How about hiring a live artist?

More about live art

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My author-illustrated book 'Tasty Tales' is now available for pre-order!

Discover Tasty Tales

Some recent work

Join me on Patreon for exclusive behind-the-scenes and project updates.

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Anna Lena Feunekes is creating an surface design illustration at her desk in Gouda the Netherlands
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