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Introducing "This Better Pan Out" – a quirky, cozy cookbook brought to life by the incredible support of my Patrons and collage recipe art  ! Throughout 2023, I created this cookbook with my backers with monthly hand-drawn recipes that warm the heart and tickle the taste buds.


From steaming bowls of soul-soothing risotto to decadent carrot cake that bring back sweet memories, this mini cookbook is a delightful collage of culinary comfort. Printed on smooth matte paper, it's perfectly sized for your kitchen adventures.


My whimsical illustrations and heartfelt stories turn each recipe into a culinary adventure. Dive into dishes that are close to my heart, from family favorites to creative twists on classics!


Join the quirky journey of "This Better Pan Out" and discover the joy of simple, cozy cooking.

Pre-order: This Better Pan Out - A5 mini cookbook

  • Shipping for the cookbook is:

    - Netherlands | 4,95 EUR

    - UK | 9,60 EUR

    - USA & World | 12,00

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